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Dream Travel in the Pastel Sky, directed by Malorie Shmyr


Fashion is a visual medium that is always looking for new channels to communicate about its

messages. Fashion is not only art and form, but it also relies on trade and commerce to thrive.

Photographers can easily take advantage of fashion’s overlapping categories. Even nude and

erotic photography lends itself easily to fashion photography.

On the other hand, fashion designers and brands are always searching for new ways to

showcase their designs and build a loyal audience. Through the visual medium of film, brands,

designers, and publications of all sorts can effectively communicate aesthetics, ideas, and

concepts to both general and specific audiences. Film is therefore is the fastest-growing area of

visual representation in fashion.

In the past, fashion was primarily found in magazines and films where it can be difficult for

consumers to identify the designer or brand. Fashion films now shine the spotlight on costume

designers, simultaneously illuminating the design process and advertising brands. In particular,

fashion films are used in addition to runway shows to introduce new collections or fashion lines

to people all over the world. The majority of consumers are unable to attend runway shows in

major fashion districts, such as, London and Paris. Fashion films can therefore reach a much

wider audience than runway shows.

The relationship between fashion and film is layered with commercial, cultural, and even political

meaning. Fashion film can be used in many effective ways by brands and designers. For

instance, visual merchandising campaigns are very important for high street fashion. Fashion

films are therefore utilised to grab consumer attention in shop windows and shop displays, as

well as in TV advertisements and on digital billboards. Moreover, brands can also now gain

recognition in the digital world through a number of online platforms.

Owing to new talents along with the innovative use of media, the future of fashion film is a bright

one. Many fashion film festivals are hosted annually to show screenings centred on the subject

of fashion and film, giving filmmakers, designers and film/fashion enthusiasts the chance to

watch a number of iconic movies.


Beatrice Blom